Biblical - Practical - Relevant

Families are bombarded by challenges today. Some challenges are simple and some are mind- bogglingly complex. Dr. Tate Cockrell spends hundreds of hours with individuals, couples, and families each year as they discuss some of the most difficult problems in life.  

Despite the multitude of resources available, families don’t seem to be getting healthier. Instead, families seem to be getting more and more dysfunctional. People are looking anywhere for answers that can help them sort through the struggles that are weighing them down.

The Center for Hope & Reconciliation was founded to give biblical, practical, healthy answers to some of life’s toughest questions. In an age of pop psychology and self-help humanism, CHR seeks to help you find God’s best for you and your family through the following ways:

Biblical Counseling

Ministry Consulting


Counselor Training


Our approach to dealing with life issues is foundationally biblical. Rather than band-aiding life issues with a Bible verse, we seek to teach the whole counsel of God, relating it to human suffering and destructive life patterns. 

Sometimes hurting people are told a lot about WHAT to do, without anyone telling them HOW to do it. Our sermons and conferences are fiercely practical. We're not content just to tell you what do. We want you to know how to go about doing it. Our desire is to help you develop a blueprint of how to deal with whatever issues are troubling you.