Dr. Tate's Travel Schedule


25                                     Westwood Baptist Church, Roxboro, NC                      Family Conference


3-5                                    First Baptist Church,  Vidalia GA                                    Marriage Conference


6-7                                    Chicago, IL                                                                             Catalytic Church Plastic Seminar


15                                     Wake Forest, NC                                                                    Teaching Research & Statistics


11-15                               SBC Convention, Phoenix, AZ                                           SEBTS Recruiting


5-8                                    Laurel, MS                                                                              Vacation Week

9-16                                  Orange Beach, AL                                                                Vacation Week



to serve as Assistant Professor of Counseling at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Shortly after arriving in



NOLA, he began his private practice. In 2005, he moved to Madison, Mississippi to serve on staff at Broadmoor



Baptist Church as Family Pastor. During his 9 years on staff, Dr. Tate founded and directed The Center for Hope and



Healing, a full service counseling center meeting the needs of the local community. Though he spends the bulk of



his time now teaching and speaking, he still sees about 10 clients per week to keep his counseling sharp and to remain abreast of the most effective counseling skills and techniques.  These a few of the areas in which Dr. Tate specializes:


Parenting/Communication/Conflict Resolution

Marriage Crisis

Marriage Enrichment

Premarital Counseling


Communication & Conflict Resolution

Counseling is vast and complex profession and ministry. There are as many ways of doing counseling as there are counselors who are practicing in the field. Unfortunately, one of the things we realize is that there are more counselors NOT helping people, as there are counselors who ARE helping people. Counselors steeped in the theories and philosophies of secular humanism are peddling a form of self-help that is rarely helpful. Instead, clients become mired in their pain and paralyzed to move forward. 

Dr. Tate and the counselors who work alongside him are uniquely biblical in their approach to people helping. We define biblical counseling as:

a process in which a faithful follower of Christ, understanding his or her God-given gifts, training, knowledge, and expertise follows the direction of the Holy Spirit and properly applies God’s Word, in the task of walking with others toward spiritual maturity, emotional health, cognitive truth, relational stability and behavioral accountability in a caring and supportive environment.

We pray that you have life transformation, not just life change through counseling. Utilizing the truth of God's Word, the very best in clinical practices, and counselors who are passionately devoted to Christ and their clients - we know that biblical counseling works and hope you'll give us a chance to walk with you through whatever challenges you are facing.