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Dr. Tate Cockrell has a passion for leading conferences, workshops, retreats, and revivals focused on a variety of issues. He specializes in issues related to marriage and family. His speaking and teaching schedule has landed him in 27 states, 7 countries. 8 graduate institutions, and over 50 associations impacting hundreds of local churches. Below is a list of sample conference and sermon titles that he has delivered over the last 20 years. His teaching is biblical, practical, and inspirational. You'll laugh. You might cry. You'll certainly leave having learned something; and, Dr. Tate doesn't consider it a success unless you've had at least one "AHA!!" moment during the event. 

  • “Marriage, Personality Differences, and the Gospel”

  • “The Five Faces of Intimacy in Your Marriage”

  • “Discipling Your Family”

  • “De-Stressing the School Year”

  • “The Fine Art of Forgiveness”

  • “Making the Most of the Bad Times in Marriage”

  • “The Heart of a Pastor”

  • “Romancing the Home”

  • “House or Home: God’s Plan for Family”

  • “Caring for Your Congregation”

  • “Stress and Ministry Effectiveness”

  • “Prioritizing Your Family and Ministry”

  • “Understanding Your Call to Ministry”

  • “The Relationship Between Food and Love”

  • “Relationships 101: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly”

  • “The Media, Morality, and Your Teenager”

  •  “Assessing Your Authenticity in Relationships”

  • “Starting a Men’s Fraternity in Your Church”

  • “The Model Parent”

  • “Effective Discipline Strategies for Parents”

  • “The Marriage Starter Kit for Couples”

  • “Spirituality in Your Marriage”

  • “Nuts and Bolts of Men’s Ministry”

  • “For Better or Worse”

  • “Overcoming Grief: A New Journey”

  • “Resolving to Resolve Conflict”

  • “The Summit of Marital Fulfillment”

  • “Conquering Aches, Abuses, and Addictions”

  • “The Five Faces of Intimacy”

  • “Overcoming Kid-centric Family Dynamics”

  • “The Communication Super-Highway”

  • “Conflict Resolution in Your Family”

  • “Breaking Free from Kid-Centric Families”

  • “Self Esteem: The Myth that is Destroying Your Kid

  • “Overcoming the Holiday Blues”

  • “Putting Together the Parenting Puzzle”

  • “The Emotionally Healthy Marriage”  

  •  “Connecting with the Heart of Your Teen”

  • “Adolescence and the Teen Brain”

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